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Schuett-Biotec - Experts in Biotechnology, Microbiology and Life Science

Culture Bottles, Tubes and Dishes, Inoculation Loops, Colony Counters

At LabFriend we are delighted to offer a huge range of Schuett-biotec products. Schuett-biotec create microbiology, biotechnology and molecular biology equipment and are based in Germany.  They offer a strong range of products through LabFriend which include cryogenic racks, cell culture aspirators plus a variety of vessels and dispersers.

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Anaerobic jars, stainless steel

Anaerobic jars, stainless steel For the cultivation of anaerobic and microaerophilic microorganisms ...
From $490.00

Beaker insert stirrers, Magneto-stabil

Beaker insert stirrers, Magneto-stabil For all beakers from 100 to 2000ml capacity. Comprises conica...
From $112.00

Aluminium caps, pure aluminium

Aluminium caps, pure aluminium Matt finish. Without internal clips. Loose-fit caps for sterile, but ...
From $84.00

Metal caps, Erlenmeyer, Aluminium

Metal caps, Erlenmeyer, Aluminium Anodised in a choice of colours. Special caps for sterile, but not...
From $107.00

Metal caps, Labocap with handle, Aluminium

Metal caps, Labocap with handle, Aluminium Anodised in a choice of colours. For sterile, but not her...
From $274.00

Cell storage container, Küvibox 2

Cell storage container, Küvibox 2 Dust-proof, rigid container for storing clean cells. Accommod...
From $155.00

Schuett Count Colony Counter

Schuett Count Colony Counter Designed for reliable and efficient counting of bacterial colonies and ...
From $2,005.00

Culture dishes, glass

Culture dishes, glass For cultivating plant material or for cell cultures. Rolled rim dishes with sl...
From $19.00

EcoVac safety suction systems

EcoVac safety suction systems For safe and comfortable removal of liquid excess. EcoVac increases th...
From $119.00

EPPI pestle, PP

EPPI pestle, PP For resuspending pellets and homogenising within tubes (1.5, 2.0ml, exact fit). Auto...
From $180.00