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Viscometers - hand-held and benchtop, available in automatic or manual.

We also have plenty of accessories to match, such as flow cups/rings, immersion cups heating jackets, stands and more!

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Density Meter DS7800

Density Meter DS7800 Digital density meters with up to four decimal places for measuring density, re...
From $14,805.00

Density meter DS7700 / DS7800 sets

Density meter DS7700 / DS7800 sets Density meters DS7700 and DS7800 as complete sets containing all ...
From $13,818.00

Viscometer SV-10 / SV-100

Viscometer SV-10 / SV-100 Sine-wave Vibro Viscometer SV-10/SV-100 measures viscosity by detecting th...
From $8,814.00

Density meter Densito 30PX

Density meter Densito 30PX Portable instrument for determining the specific gravity. Wide range of ...
From $5,237.00


Viscosimeters B-ONE TOUCH / FIRST TOUCH The rotational viscosimeter determines the viscosity of liqu...
From $5,031.00

Measuring instrument for viscosity analysis ViscoClock plus

Measuring instrument for viscosity analysis ViscoClock plus The ViscoCIock plus is an electronic tim...
From $3,040.00

Digital viscometer VISCO / VISCO-895

Digital viscometer VISCO / VISCO-895 Compact and easily carried with one hand. Fully digital display...
From $2,967.00

Viscometer heating jacket

Viscometer heating jacket With support plate for Ubbelohde and capillary viscometers. Can be thermor...
From $782.00

Micro-Ubbelohde-Viscosimeter (DIN)

Micro-Ubbelohde-Viscosimeter (DIN) Calibrated for manual measurements....
From $685.00

Viscometers Ubbelohde, glass, kinematic

Viscometers Ubbelohde, glass, kinematic ISO 3105, DIN 51562, NF T60-107 For manual (type 501 ..) or ...
From $613.00

Texture Analyser TEX'AN TOUCH

Texture Analyser TEX'AN TOUCH The Texture Analyzer TEX'AN TOUCH is a test instrument for the determi...
From $435.00