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Accessorise your microscopy needs with LabFriend! We have lens cleaning tissues, drying pads, drying benches, balsam bottles, histofluid mounting mediums and much, much more. Available in Hecht, GFL, Electrothermal, GE Healthcare, and many more.

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Lens cleaning tissues, 105 series

Lens cleaning tissues, 105 series For the safe removal of surface moisture and grease from lenses an...
From $120.00

Microscope Cleaning Kit

Microscope Cleaning Kit Content: 1 power blower, cotton swabs, cleaning liquid, cleaning cloth, lens...
From $48.00

Liquid Dispenser, ESD

Liquid Dispenser, ESD Ideal for a wide range of applications in chemistry and medical laboratories. ...
From $47.00

Canada balsam bottle

Canada balsam bottle Goldschmidt pattern. Clear glass. For microscopy examinations. Ground joint max...
From $46.00

Lens cleaning tissues, José Paper MN 13

Lens cleaning tissues, José Paper MN 13 Very thin and soft, lint-free tissue paper for cleani...
From $13.00

Drying pads Grade 556Z

Drying pads Grade 556Z For retaining specimen visibility (50 sheets)....
From $11.00