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Weighing Accessories

Accesorries for laboratory balances: Anti Vibration Platforms, Sample Dishes, Weighing Boats, Scoops, Spoons.

Laboratory balance accessories for analytical balances, precision balances and platform balances including aluminum sample dishes,weighing boats, anti-vibration platforms, weighing dishes, bottles in numerous sizes and shapes.

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Anti-vibration platform, Vibrasorb

Anti-vibration platform, Vibrasorb For absorbing and damping vibrations down to 16Hz. Comprises of a...
From $2,278.00

LLG-Weighing boats, PS

From $294.00

Weighing boat parchment paper, Kjeldahl 609, nitrogen-free

Weighing boat parchment paper, Kjeldahl 609, nitrogen-free Ideal for weighing and transporting all t...
From $280.00

Weighing boats MN 808, Paper, nitrogen-free

Weighing boats MN 808, Paper, nitrogen-free Pack of 100 pieces....
From $214.00

Pour Boat Weighing Dishes

Pour Boat Weighing Dishes

Planar weighing apparatus

Planar weighing apparatus Glass. For all weighing procedures involving the dispersal of material int...
From $162.00

Weighing Papers, Grade 2122

Weighing Papers, Grade 2122 The weigh paper sheets reliably allow samples to be transferred to scale...
From $155.00

Analytical Sieve Shakers AS 200 basic/digit/control, AS 300 control, AS 450 basic, AS 450 control

Sample dishes, Aluminium For moisture analysers....
From $120.00

LLG-Weighing boats, PS

LLG-Weighing boats, PS Polystyrene....
From $111.00

Weighing boats, PS

Weighing boats, PS Flexible, disposable weighing boats feature smooth surfaces to provide accurate p...
From $98.00

Weighing boats, antistatic, PS

Weighing boats, antistatic, PS Impact-resistant PS, white. Light and flat design. Ideal for weighing...
From $84.00